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Embellir (um-bee-leer)

We are a manufacturer, retailer, and supporter of natural and organic nutritional supplements and other natural products made available to customers who are looking for alternative ways to attain and maintain good health.

Our website opens the door to a wonderful world!  You should not choose to live and not have at lease a basic knowledge of how to use plants for illness and aging.  The healing abilities of plants can drastically change your health; thereby, changing your life.  They can add beauty, vitality, and nourishment---straight from the earth.  They increase your life force and build a strong immune system.  We need plant healing now more than ever with the onset of extremely expensive conventional care and often dangerous.  We want to offer our expert and time-proven alternatives--food inside & outside.  We want to show you how to read the signs given by your tongue, eyes, nails, kin, poop, urine, and symptoms!

Embellir represents a fusion of nature and formulations promoting and formulating products with natural oils, herbs, extracts, and botanicals--PURE NUTRITION for your inside and your outside--using products on your body and consuming products into your body that agree with your organic nature with maximum benefits being realized because the body will not reject them, but is able to assimilate them without experiencing harmful side effects.  Products that deliver optimum results based on a healthy natural living style--products that will assist you to reverse the damaging effects of age, environmental toxins, and stress.

We promote health through a comprehensive range of natural and organic products. We believe in taking advantage of all aspects of healing including mainstream procedures and medicines; but our main focus is on phytonutrients and plant therapy. We use and apply ancient wisdoms with today’s advancements to help our customers achieve and maintain optimum well-being. We promote a necessitation for life-style changes, wholistic education, innovative wellness products, less dependency on prescription drugs, a clean earth, a clean home environment, and developing a spiritual life centered around the biblical scriptures.

Embellir is about rediscovering and embracing wise ways wisdoms and helping to provide an avenue for those who wish to have control over their health as opposed to physician and drug dependencies. Those who want to forge a healthier future individually and for their descendants. We strive to combine the best of the past with the best of today.

We promote a necessitation for life-style changes, wholistic education, innovative wellness products, less dependency on prescription drugs, a clean earth, a clean home environment, and developing a spiritual life centered around the biblical scriptures. We embrace a philosophy that many people find astonishing--the notion that every individual has ultimate control over his or her health.

We are not against doctors nor believe that tofu and wheatgrass are all we are meant to eat. However, we realize that many people are wearying of today’s mass industrialism and drug pushing commercialism; wearying of food devoid of nutrients; and wearying of using harsh products laden with harmful chemicals. They want a LIFESTYLE that creates a healthy, happy environment and both a sense of fulfillment and “sanctuaries” from the hustle and bustle of today’s world.

Whether it's herbs, Feng Shui, aromatherapy, or plant therapy--today we are saying “yes” to alternatives and “no” to manipulative advertising campaigns and chemical industries.

You will be astonished at the almost miraculously way ordinary lemon juice and baking soda work as cleansers, how pure essential oils have been reported to beat toxic carbolic acid as a disinfectant, that there are more than 70 known components in peppermint, and how using natural body care can protect your first line of defense--- the skin!

The ancient Greeks scented their floors with wild violets, the Romans sat in herb gardens, Cleopatra bathed in milk, King David of Israel consumed hyssop, royal women in their 70’s who looked in their 40’s swore by olive oil, and African women used ochre, shea butter, and herbs to maintain great looking skin and hair. Welcome to our world!

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Embellir is committed to providing our customers with the information and advice they need to follow a healthy lifestyle. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is available to help you find the products you need. In addition to product demos, Embellir regularly hosts seminars by Nutritionists, Naturopaths & other experts in their field. Customer Appreciation Days, Food Fairs and other special events are planned throughout the year. Information and recipe sheets are available on a wide range of topics such as cooking beans and grains, managing a gluten-free diet and celebrating the holidays with a vegetarian.

Embellir supports locally-produced food and products; and we support small businesses.

Embellir partners with Wings of Change of Memphis Tennessee as a venue for our charitable efforts throughout the year. Wings of Change benefits senior citizens (those over 65 years of age and/or elderly shut-ins) and graduating high school seniors.

Additionally, we encourage our customer to recognize the importance of being environmentally conscious by maintaining recycling information on our website, offering recycling for several types of ink cartridges and packaging, recycling ourselves, and using ECO-friendly packaging when possible.

When Embellir (um-bee-leer) first opened its doors, most people could barely pronounce the name; and so it was with much of the natural health terminology. One woman said, "Homeopathy is happening, aromatherapy smells nice, and I have no idea what naturopathy does!". Well, we understand that much about the world of wholistic healing may be unfamiliar to you, but so was driving a car for the first time. However, you got the hang of it; and you can be just as independent and successful in getting behind the wheel of managing your health--with our help, of course.

In 2001, I, Diane Bradley Higgs, fresh off retiring from a 20-year career as a Software Developer & Systems Analyst, embarked on a personal mission to learn all about attaining and maintaining health through all natural plants from around the world and to offer them to customers.

I established the company in 2001 with a commitment to providing products and information of the utmost benefit healthwise to our customers.

I ask you, "who really needs to constantly see a doctor when you've got ginseng, goldenseal, lavender, thyme, tea tree, echinacea, and ginger...?" True healing is found in the gifts of nature. The purveyors of teas, herbs, and potions can have the remedy for what ails you; where else can you find Unicorn milk or Grandma's Hair Reviving Serum?!

As inhabitors of this planet, we have always been blessed with a variety of safe, effective techniques for staying healthy. How comforting it is to have alternatives. It is so nice to know that our well being is not just determined by a 60-second suck on a thermometer and a piece of white paper to hand to a druggist. We have marvelous wonderful choices, as whacky as some may seem to be. We must thank science that we no longer have to die from AIDS, tuberculosis, or pox; but we must also face the fact that we are more likely to die of stress-induced heart attacks, chronic fatigue, influenza, cancer, diabetes, or obesity. Ultimately, it will not be hard drugs we turn to for comfort, but it will be the HERB garden. The conscientious household will have organic grains, fruits, vegetables, jugs of aloe vera, soy milk, goat milk, tofu, and variety of low-fat, cholesterol-free comestibles.

The Bible tell us that a day is coming when massive disease will ravage our world. Doctors and hospitals will be overwhelmed by the sick and the dying. With "super bugs" on the rise and easily spreading of germs from nation to nation, we do well to trust God and adhere to His wisdom of reaping the bountiful benefits of both alternative and conventional approaches to maintaining good health. Health is the greatest wealth and without it--not much else is important. CHAMOMILE TEA ANYONE?!

Relax! You can feel good about visiting our retail store, embellir.us.com, andhttp://shopembellir.com and purchasing our natural and effective products. Products which are free of harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, genetically modified organisms, and cancer-contributing colors and fragrances. Our products are free of talc, synthetic oils, harsh preservatives, parabens, DEA, TEA, propylene glycol, formaldehyde, and toxic chemicals.

People the world over have developed an enormous interest in natural products. It has been said for centuries that pure and natural sustains the healthy well-being of spirit, mind, and body. Let us help you to make lifestyle changes that can radically enhance your life and ultimately enhancing your world.

 After years of study, Embellir is the result. A retailer and e-tailer of stuff that makes you feel great physically, mentally, financially, and most important--spiritually.

Offering hundreds of natural and organic products plus gifts, and wellness accessories. We have programs designed for weight loss, scabies, gout, shingles, depression, vision, prostate, and many more ailments.

There is still love in the world---at EMBELLIR!

"May  health and beauty reign here and lovely objects renew us by their silence and perfection--a House of blessing---Welleran Poltarness, Author of "blessing books/artist"