Beauty Tip of the Month

Strawberry + Yogurt Facial Masque

Colombianas are known for beautiful skin. What's their secret? Mash up some strawberries, yogurt and honey for a face mask. Apply and leave on for 20 minutes, rinse off and you'll be glowing.

Use organic ingredients when possible and feasible.



1 tbs. plain Greek yogurt, organic
1 tbs. powdered milk
1 tsp. honey
4 tbs. chopped strawberries, organic

Using a fork, smash all together into a beautiful mess.

Using hand, apply to face and neck, avoiding eyes, nose, and mouth.

Allow to dry for 10-20 minutes.

Gently wash off by applying a warm towel to face and allow to remain a few seconds; then gently moving in circular movements.

Now, rinse with warm water to completely remove.

Apply toner and/or moisturizer.

The strawberries are natural cleansers.  They contain alpha hydroxyl acid that helps to gently remove dead skin cells and brightens the complexion.

The yogurt helps to even out and improve skin tone.

The milk powder contains lactic acid which lightens and brightens.

Honey naturally nourishes and helps to fight bacteria.

This masque leaves your face clean, nourished, fresh, and bright.

"Don’t rush to the plastic surgeon to alter your appearance.  Your beauty can lie in your flaws:  Elizabeth Taylor and 

those brows; Barbara Streisand and that nose; Sophia Loren and those eyes."---Diane Higgs, Owner Embellir