Everything's Coming Up Rosy

2016/05/02  ROSES

I love roses and everything about roses, including the thorns! 

Over the winter, I put leftover coffee grounds on my rose bushes and have been rewarded with the most beautiful, and large,

heads of pink roses.  And what is even more wonderful, they have a beautiful smell--unlike most commercially purchased roses.

Bring on The Fried Crappies and Brim!

2016/05/17  Fried Fish

A friend of mine is an avid amateur fisherman.  He loves to fish for catfish, buffalo, crappies, and brim.

He knows of my love for fried crappies, brim, and perch; so he fried me up the batch pictured!  How

nice!  It is good to have a friend that can fry up a great-looking batch of wild, fresh caught fish.  So grateful, so delicious!

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