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Embellir (um-bee-leer)

We are a manufacturer, retailer, and supporter of natural and organic nutritional supplements and

other natural products made available to customers who are looking for alternative ways to attain

and maintain good health.

Why we offer a one-on-one consultation with Diane...

Upon seeing a person, she can determine many things by "signs".  For example, the color and

degree of coating on the tongue, the color of the skin, the condition of hair and nails, the condition

of the eyes, the condition of the teeth and gums, the condition of the feet, and she can ask you

questions about your diet and lifestyle.

Is Diane a doctor?...

No, no, and no.  Diane is a trained and self taught phytotherapist, someone who studies and

uses plants to maintain good health.  She has studied plant therapy since 17 years of age.  She has had classes with some of the notable pioneers in

the alternative care industry, such as Aubrey Hampton, Jeanne Rose, Jethro Kloss, Dr. Andrew Weil, and many others.

Is Diane against doctors and hospitals?...

No, no, and no.  No one in their right mind recommends a cup of chamomile tea as an alternative when someone needs surgery!:).  Of course, she may recommend it after surgery!  She thanks God for the excellent physicians and facilities available today.  Her goal is to keep you from having to take drugs, visit doctors, and hospital stays by daily maintaining your health with good food.

How long is the consultation?...

As short or as long as it needs to be.  Schedule for a minimum of 30 minutes.

What happens doing the consultation?...

First, a big friendly smile and a hug!

Seconds, a discussion of why you asked for the consultation

Third, an assessment of your conviction to getting better

Fourth, your goals for the betterment of your health and how Embellir can assist you in achieving them

Fifth, based on your specific needs what product(s) has been successful in the industry

Lastly, a few forms to complete; and another big hug!

If necessary after the consultation, more research will be done and a formal program devised to meet  your wellness need(s).

When I consult with Diane, do I stop taking my doctor's advice?...

No, no, no.  Continue to see your doctor and follow his/her advice.  They are the experts in their respective fields.  If you are taking prescription medication, be sure to let your doctor know of any supplements you plan to take (taking plant medicine can cancel out prescription medicine because it may view it as a toxin).  If you are pregnant, be extremely careful about taking any herbal medicine, over-the-counter pill, and prescription drugs.  The best thing to do when you are pregnant is to get plenty of rest and eat very nutritious meals to ensure a joyful, healthy little package.​

"You have not because you do not ask God" --- James 4:2


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