How to Use or Do...

Bath Soaks

Bath soaks range from healing and nourishing, to relaxing, to energizing, to just plain enjoyable; and the come in the forms of bombs, salts, oils, and bags!  The famous Moor Bath is one of nature's truly luxurious treats. When added to your bath, the water-soluble nutrients in the Moor are able to penetrate deeply - creating a wonderful soothing effect for the whole body. Take a Moor Bath whenever you feel physical discomfort or imbalance.  Let's not forget the all so famous Cleopatra's said to be beauty routine, the milk bath. 

To use bath soaks, run a very warm bath and add soak to the water following the directions on the product.  Make sure that the bath is not too hot (max 38C).  Very hot water can cause excessive perspiration and fatigue.  Then, simply relax in the bath for up to 20 minutes. After the bath, do not rub down, but wrap the body in a large towel and lie down for one hour in a warm room. 

Bath Salts
½ cup = gentle soak
1 cup = medium soak
2 cups = strong soak
Bath Oils (check manufacturer's instruction to determine if oils can be used in your Jacuzzi)
1 tsp = very light soak
2 tsp = light soak
1 tbs = medium, moisturizing
2 tbs = strong, very moisturizing

Body Mask

​Body masks are wonderful ways to give your body that extra special care (ESC).  If possible, exfoliate the body first; however, be sure to cleanse the body before applying the mask.  Apply the mask in a single layer all over your body.  There is to need to waste product by globbing it on.  Leave the mask on 20-30 minutes, and then lightly rinse off.  One good time to apply your mask is after a bath soak.  When all the bath water, and all of your troubles, flow down the drain, apply the mask and relax in the tub until it dries; then rinse off.  You can enhance the experience with candles, aromatherapy, and/or your favorite music.  Be sure to moisturize after towel drying.

Body Scrub

Body scrubs are especially beneficial for healthy skin.  If you are new to body scrubs, be very gentle.  Some salt scrubs can have a bit of a sting, especially if you have some tiny cuts. 

Apply body scrubs with your hands using circular movements from the feet up towards the heart and avoiding the delicate area between the breasts if you are female.  Yes, men can use body scrubs, too!  Gently massage the scrub using circular movements for a minute or two.  Step under the shower (or start the shower) and rinse well.  I prefer to use scrubs after cleansing the body with soap.  If the scrub is a moisturizing one, feel free to use it last, and skip the body moisturizer if you like.  Coffee scrubs are excellent for fighting cellulite.

Dry Brush Massage

The skin is our largest route of elimination, excreting more than 2 pounds of waste each day, and taking in air and sunshine. Our skin breathes! And yet, in most people, this vital route of detoxification is operating far below it's capacity, because it is clogged with dead skin cells and the un-removed waste excreted through perspiring.  Dry skin brushing is a simple, inexpensive way of removing the waste from the skin and breaking down old toxic deposits through it's unique action on the lymph vessels and capillaries. Our bodies make a new top layer of skin every 24 hours - skin brushing removes the old top layer, allowing the clean new layer to come to the surface, resulting in softer, smoother skin.

Start with a natural bristle brush or a sander that is not too abrasive
1.  Do skin brushing before showering, bathing or sauna
2.  Do not wet skin,  you want the skin to be dry
3.  ALWAYS brush towards heart and in circular movements starting with the feet

4.  Apply a nourishing and rich body oil and leave on for 10 minutes

5.  Cleanse body as usual.

Essential Oils

​Pure essential oils are like precious jewelry or fine wine.  They are the life force of natural, organic substances.  They are deceivingly powerful.  Essential oils are highly concentrated; 70-100 times more concentrated than dried herbs.  This is easily demonstrated in the thousands of petals needed to produce a single drop of oil.  Because they can penetrate the skin, they actually beautify within.

· Store them away from sunlight; keep the bottle closed.
· Avoid all contact with mouth and eyes; essential oils are not meant to be taken internally (there are a few exceptions)
· Do not apply most oils to skin undiluted; dilute by using a carrier oil such as apricot kernel and jojoba

· If itching or redness occur on skin, place a cold, wet cloth on the area until the redness or itchiness disappears
· More is not better when it comes to essential oils—used as instructed; oils are usually dispensed by the drop
· If you get an essential oil into the eyes, add a base oil to area and absorb this with a soft cloth before rinsing eyes with lots of cold water
· Bergamot and citrus oils are phototoxic.  This means that they may cause skin discoloration in bright sunlight.

For more information on essential oils, request our essential oil safety brochure by emailing us at

Eye Cream

​Eye creams are a must to help prevent crow's feet, that v-shaped wrinkling that can occur on the corner of our eyes which ages your facial appearance.  You need a light one for day and a heavier, more nourishing one for night.  To use, apply a small amount of product by gently patting on the corner of each eye using your pinky finger.  Do not pull or tug the eye area at any time.

Face Scrub
Face scrubs should be used with gentleness in mind.
Gently apply scrub to face in circular movements, avoiding the eye area.  Using both hands with the same circular movements, gently scrub briefly.  To remove, wet a towel with warm water and apply open towel to face and gently pat or press to remove particles, repeating until all particles are removed; or, hold face over sink and rinse with warm water, rinsing until particles are removed.  As always, pat dry and continue with facial beauty routine.

Face Mask
Face masks can be applied by hand or by using a soft brush.
Apply the mask using circular movements, avoiding the eye area.  Follow the directions on the packaging.  If mask is to dry for a specified number of minutes, do not make facial movements during the drying time.  To remove, wet a towel with warm water and apply open towel to face and gently wipe, repeating until face is clear; or, hold face over sink and rinse with warm water, rinsing until face is clear.  As always, pat dry and continue with facial beauty routine.

Foot Scrub

Foot scrubs can be used in the shower or in conjunction with foot soaks.  Gently apply the scrub using circular movements, rinse, towel dry, and moisturize.  If  you plan to soak your feet, use at the end of the soak.

Foot Soak

Foot soaks are great when used with the drug store electric foot massager.  However, just a plain container will do that will fit both feet comfortably and deep enough for water to come up to ankle level.  Add enough warm water in the container to cover  your feet.  Next, add the amount of product suggested by the manufacturer and let your tired aching feet soak for 15-20 minutes or until the water cools down.

Foot Spray

Foot sprays are usually made to be used anytime once or twice per day.  However, follow the product's directions.  They are very effective after showering or bathing.  Towel dry the feet, spread open the toes and hold, and spray generously.

Lip Scrub

​Lip scrubs are a great way to exfoliate dry skin from the lips.  Apply a small amount of a good lip scrub to the lips.  Using circular movement, gently rub the lips briefly.  Rinse and apply lip balm.

Lip Mask

Yep, you read correctly.  Lip masks work similar to face masks.  Apply.  Allow to dry.  Rinse off gently with warm water.


Nail Mask

Yep, you read correctly.  Nail mask range from baking soda and lemon juice to brighten nails to masks that will strengthen and nourish.  Apply and let dry.  Rinse with warm water and then moisturize and/or apply cuticle cream.

Nail Cream

​Nail cream or cuticle cream is better applied at bedtime when the hands will be at rest.  Just apply a small amount to each cuticle and gently massage in and have a good night's sleep.

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