Power of Scent

We Love Perfumes--Especially the Classics Such As JOY!

Perfume has been permeating our senses for many centuries.  Whether used for scenting food, mummification, medicinal purposes, or scenting the body, perfume has had a tremendous impact on humanity.  Fragrance is said to transport us through space and transcends time.  Would you believe it is said that Napoleon would not go into battle without it?! 

It seems that every few minutes a new fragrance hits the market.  It seems to make perfume seem so ordinary.  At Embellir, we are extremely partial to the classics and find it rare to truly embrace some of the newer more modern scents of today.  Perfume was of vital importance to Coco Chanel; so much so that Chanel No. 5, her favorite, had to be sprayed each morning down the spacious stairs of her salon.  Her fragrance, as her clothes, are termed as eloquent and unforgettable.  We also like Panthere by Cartier, Arpege by Lanvin is one of the owner's favorites, Dioressence by Dior, almost anything by Guerlain especially Vol de Nuit, and the ones of designers Coco Chanel, Donna Karan, Valentino, YSL, Creed, Jean Patou, Amouage, and Boucheron. Today's Sean's John Unforgettable for men is a very wonderful scent for men.

At Embellir, we prefer scents made with as many natural ingredients as possible--natural flowers, seeds, and resins--and that is one reason we are drawn toward the classics.  It can take as many as 8,000 jasmine blossoms and 2,000 rose blossoms to produce one pound of absolute of each!  That is why good perfumes can be costly but is so worth it.  Too many synthetic chemicals may cause an allergic reaction in some people; so we feel that the joy and beauty that natural plants deliver are well worth the price!

Fragrance can be intensely personal and is shared with those in your immediate circle; so choosing the right scent for your personality for the right time is of importance.  You may feel drawn to fragrances in a certain class such as floral, orientals, chypres, greens, etc.  Some fragrances are better suited for day and some for night wear. 

Scents are divided into four major categories:  four types of Floral, Chypre, Woodsy, and Herbal.

Click here to answer a 10-question quiz to determine your signature category of scent.

However you choose to fragrance your world, never underestimate the power and lure of scent.  Experiment and choose the pure scents that are just right for you and be sure to have fun!

"Elegance is not possible without fragrance."---Coco Chanel, Fashion Designer